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Staged Maxillary Reconstruction with Jonathan Clark 

Immediate Reconstruction using VSP with Zhigang Cai

Classification and Challenges of Midface Defect - Different Approaches to Midface Reconstruction with Samir Kumta

Virtual Surgical Planning: Technological Progress or Evidence-Based Practice? with Brett Miles

Step-by-step Planning and Executing Composite Resection and Reconstruction with Richard Su

Classification and Challenges of Oromandibular Defect and Case Introduction with Richard Shaw

Salvage Surgery: Benefit or Burden? with Rui Fernandes

Management of Infratemporal Fossa Tumors with Cheng-Hsien Wu

Skull Base Tumors with Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto

Panel Discussion: Condylar Fractures with Amir Elbarbary, Gregorio Sanchez Aniceto, Mohamed Abdelazeem, Nicolas Homsi, Sunil Aniruth, Noor Ul Wahab


My Biggest Challenge with Damir Matic


AO CMF On Air: 3D Planning and 3D Printing—Indications and Limitations with Sabine Girod, Florian Thieringer, Susana Heredero-Jung, Ian Sharp, Mike Leung, Benedicta Beck-Broichsitter, Maarten Koudstaal, and Patricia Stoor

AO CMF On Air: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail—Mandibular Reconstruction with Sabine Girod, Gopal Kulandaswamy, Moni Kuriakose, Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto, Sat Parmar

Debate: Optimal Tongue Reconstruction Can Only Be Achieved With a Free Flap with Ignacio Garcia Recuero, Simon Hodder, Rui Fernandes

Panel Discussion: Defects of the Lower Face with Max Heiland, Valentino Valentini, José Luís Cebrián, Alberto Garcia Perla

Panel Discussion: How to Deal With Salvage Procedures/Complications with Max Heiland, Rui Fernandes, Ignacio Garcia Recuero, Satyesh Parmar

Panel Discussion: Defects of the Midface with Satyesh Parmar, Benedicta Beck-Broichsitter, Ignacio Garcia Recuero, Alberto Rocha Pereira

The Evolving Management of Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) Ballistic Wounds – A Historical Perspective with Brian Alpert



Regional Flaps in Maxillofacial Reconstruction—A Viable Option During the Covid-19 Pandemic


3D Models in Craniofacial Surgery (Ingrid Ganske)

Arthroscopic Surgery—How to Diagnose and Treat TMJ Dysfunction with Minimal Invasive Procedures (Rafael Martin-Granizo)

Free Flap Surgery in Salvage and the Vessel Depleted Neck (Sat Parmar and Max Heiland)

Midface Injuries (Divya Mehrotra)

Preservation of the Frontal Sinus in Facial Trauma (Lucas Patrocinio)

Management of Gunshot Wounds in the COVID-19 Environment (Eric Kahugu)

Preparacíon al Paciente de Labio y Paladar Hendido para Cirugía Ortognática (Valeri Paredes)

Rhinoplasty and Nasal Trauma (Amir Elbarbary)

Managing Primary and Secondary Pediatric Midfacial Trauma (Damir Matic)

Periorbital Trauma - A Priority Based Approach (Milind Naik)

Panel Discussion: Management of Facial Trauma in the COVID-19 Environment

Soft-Tissue Management in Maxillofacial Trauma (TC Lim)

Planificación Virtual en Navegación Intraoperatoria Para Cirurgía Ortognatica (Lucas E. Ritacco and María Gabriela Nassif)

Orthognathic Surgery - Mandible First vs Maxilla First (Patricia Stoor and Federico Hernandez Alfaro)

Early Detection of OSAS and Outcomes of Different Surgical Treatment (René Rojas)

Surgery-First Approach (SFA) in Orthognathic Surgery (Hee-Kyun Oh)

Distraction Osteogenesis vs Orthognathic Surgery (Eppo Wolvius)

Modification of the Occlusal Plane in Orthognathic Surgery (Rodrigo Liceaga-Reyes)

Primary and Secondary Orbital Reconstruction Using Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) (Frank Wilde)

Secondary Cranioplasty (Patricio Andrades)

Reconstruction After Major Oral Cavity Resections (Marcelo Figari and José Larrañaga)

3D Printing in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Mike Leung and Richard Su)

The Role of TMJ in Orthognathic Surgery (Mohammed Nadershah, Stefano Fusetti and Noor UI Wahab)


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